The Club Store is ready apart from for match shirts. We are currently working with our kit supplier together with our new sponsor and hope to be able to provide a Club Shirt for members which would also come with our sponsor's logo. Since we don't want individuals to have to pay for this, we are still working with our supplier on the logistics of ordering the Club Shirt.

For anything else other than the match shirt, though, fill your boots at the club store below, operated by our suppliers, Serious Cricket. They've put together a wide range of kit with the Eltham badge,and you can even add your name or initials, or heaven forbid, a number on your back, if you are confused about the difference between cricket and football, you utter heathens.

We hope there is something there for everyone. We've certainly noticed the Eltham flip-flops, which should suit our antipodean players down to the ground. Also, Clinton may like the look of the Eltham Beanie.

Happy shopping!

Visit the Eltham CC store