Award Winners


BattingBowlingFieldingBristow TrophyFred Hill Memorial
2020G.Farrell (35.57)C.Wouldham (14.67)M.HorakG.BillG.Farrell
2019M. Bulpitt (28.93)C.Wouldham (12.53)G,BillG.BillM.Bulpitt
2018P.Venkatraman (36.57)G.Gurung (11.31)C.WouldhamP.FisherP.Venkatraman
2017A.Mir (46.45)C.Wouldham (9.21)C.MitchellP.SwainP.Fisher
2016P.Swain (37.25)C.Wouldham (16.77)B.FreyR.WebberM.Bulpitt
2015P.Swain (30.51)C.Wouldham (11.89)M.BulpittP.FisherP.Swain
2014P.Fisher (28.42)C.Wouldham (8.11)C.WouldhamR.WebberT.Aslam
2013C.Wouldham (39.40)P.Swain (9.35)A.RedmanP.SwainP.Fisher
2012M.Bulpitt (50.80)G.Bill (9.83)N.PearmineA.RedmanM.Bulpitt
2011A.Mir (42.67)C.Wouldham (14.00)G.BillD.SeedsC.Wouldham
2010P.Fisher (43.69)C.Wouldham (12.21)P.SwainP.SwainP.Fisher
2009A.Mir (64.40)P.Swain (13.96)J.FisherM.BulpittA.Mir
2008P.Fisher (47.67)C.Wouldham (11.64)A.RedmanR.PageP.Fisher
2007P.Fisher (33.71)I.Cressy (6.25)A.Wells-GastonD.SeedsP.Fisher
2006M.Bulpitt (35.73)C.Wouldham (9.29)C.WouldhamP.FisherM.Bulpitt
2005G.Power (50.11)D.Jones (12.00)L.CollinsM.BulpittP.Swain
2004G.Power (39.57)D.Wellman (10.21)M.CohenP.FisherM.Williamson
2003G.Power (45.71)O.Hameed (9.59)A.HorneP.FisherC.Wouldham
2002P.Fisher (30.47)G.Power (11.91)C.Wouldham/S.SherrellP.FisherR.Scriven
2001C.Wouldham (37.56)C.Wouldham (8.97)J.FisherM.RedmanM.Vallis
2000P.Fisher (43.27)C.Wouldham (12.27)M.BulpittP.FisherR.Scriven
1999O.Hameed (50.77)C.Wouldham (9.64)R.AckerleyD.JonesO.Hameed
1998J.Fisher (22.90)M.Cohen (10.80)P.PhilpottM.RedmanD.Jones
1997D.Wellman (39.75)O.Hameed (15.00)tbcM.Redmantbc
1996C.Wouldham (28.68)M.Redman (18.53)tbcD.Wellmantbc
1995C.Wouldham (35.20)I.Sharp (10.38)tbcP.Fishertbc
1994C.Wouldham (34.37)S.Sherrell (14.07)J.FisherJ.Hilltbc
1993P.Fisher (36.96)I.Sharp (11.58)M.VallisD.Wellman
1992C.Wouldham (24.95)M.Redman (11.14)P.FisherP.Fisher
1991P.Fisher (46.19)M.Redman (10.57)F.Hill
1990S.Day (30.45)M.Redman (16.52)M.Redman
1989M.Reece (43.93)D.Riley (9.52)I.Cressy
1988R.Ody (51.42)B.Williams (7.35)H.Hicks
1987R.Ody (46.69)F.Hill (7.77)P. & A. Pratt
1986R.Ody (32.31)I.Cressy (8.28)
1985R.Ody (32.57)I.Cressy (11.55)
1984R.Ody (39.72)I.Cressy (10.05)
1983J.Quill (24.58)D.Taylor (10.74)
1982R.Ody (34.27)M.Dixon (17.89)
1981S.Russell (32.38)I.Cressy (10.04)
1980S.Russell (47.38)E.Ball (8.95)

'tbc'Denotes awards which we know were given out, but have no record who they went to! If anyone can shed any light on who these awards went to, we'd be delighted to update our records.
Batting AwardAwarded to the player with the highest batting average in a season, based on a minimum number of completed innings.
Bowling AwardAwarded to the player with the lowest bowling average in a season, based on a minimum number of wickets taken.
Fielding AwardAwarded to the player that the committee feels has made the most positive contribution in the field during the season.
Eric Bristow TrophyVoted for by members before the Annual Dinner, this award is given to the member who has made the greatest overall contribution to the Club, off the field.
Fred Hill Memorial AwardAlso known as the 'WG Grace Trophy', this is awarded in honour of our ex-player Fred Hill, who restarted the Club following the end of the second World War and was the Club secretary for many years. Voted for by the members, this award is given to the player who has made the best all-round contribution on the pitch during the season. It should of course be added that Fred's jockstrap was the stuff of legend.