Vs Streatham & Marlborough CC

Sun, 2nd September, 2018

Eltham CC Innings

Bulpitt, Mb. Shafiq, G5
Farrell, Gb. Harvey, S44
Swain, Pb. Shafiq, G4
Frey, Bnot out72
Gurung, Grun out7
Singh, Pb. Hutchin, P18
Gupta, Pb. Shafiq, G27
Venkatraman, Pnot out36
Mitchell, C 
Lingard, C 
Bill, G 
Total  238

Ali, J8.02700.9
Shafiq, G8.006037.516
Harvey, S6.012414.036
Simpson, M5.002505.0
Brown, D3.001806.0
Hutchin, P2.001507.5
Proctor, A1.00909.0

Streatham & Marlborough CC Innings

Hutchin, Pct. Bill, G b. Gurung, G15
Simpson, M b. Singh, P10
Proctor, Act. Frey, B b. Gurung, G0
Karthikc & b. Lingard, C9
Buttler, Cc & b. Bill, G16
Dylan, Mc & b. Singh, P6
Brown, Dc & b. Gupta, P6
Shafiq, Gct. Mitchell, C b. Frey, B21
Harvey, Sct. Bulpitt, M b. Frey, B11
Ali, Jnot out14
Bennot out2
Total  125

Gurung, G8.021822.224
Mitchell, C7.011301.9
Lingard, C8.011511.948
Singh, P6.002724.518
Gupta, P4.002015.024
Bill, G5.012414.830
Frey, B2.01824.06

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