Vs Gravesend (IV) CC

Sat, 1st May, 2021

Gravesend (IV) CC Innings

Conway, Jlbw b. Gurung, G33
Sims, Rrun out19
Fowler, R b. Wouldham, C34
Wells, K b. Webber, R66
Pervais, Ict. Gurung, G b. Wouldham, C20
Culpeck, G b. Wouldham, C16
Farooq, B b. Wouldham, C11
Culpeck, Lct. Swain, P b. Webber, R0
Bhathal, Snot out2
Pervais, Oct. Horak, M b. Gurung, G1
Whitfield, Rnot out6
Total  256

Bulpitt, M8.005607.0
Kukreja, A1.00606.0
Gurung, G8.003924.924
Vashisth, A6.004407.3
Webber, R7.003925.621
Westwood, P2.0030015.0
Wouldham, C8.022443.012

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pct.b. Culpeck, G54
Swain, Pc & b. Culpeck, G32
Kukreja, Ab. Culpeck, G4
Gurung, Gct.b. Sims, R47
Bulpitt, Mct.b. Bhathal, S20
Westwood, Pb. Culpeck, L5
Young, Ab. Sims, R12
Wouldham, Cret hurt6
Vashisth, Ab. Culpeck, L0
Horak, Mnot out2
Webber, Rnot out3
Total  225

Whitfield, R5.013907.8
Pervais, O4.001904.8
Culpeck, G8.022733.416
Farooq, B4.003007.5
Conway, J1.0014014.0
Culpeck, L9.023523.927
Bhathal, S3.002217.318
Sims, R6.012013.336

Match Report

Thanks to Gary and his mastery of Social Media, we have managed to get an away fixture at Gravesend. Address details will be posted when available - but top work, Skip!

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