Vs Streatham & Marlborough CC

Sat, 5th June, 2021

Eltham CC Innings

Farrell, Glbwb. Dan14
Swain, Eb. Dan4
Swain, Pct.b. Jack G0
Bulpitt, Mb. Dan6
Frey, Bb. Sam1
Boylan, Blbwb. Jack G1
Boylan, Gct.25
Gurung, Gct.37
Kukreja, Ab. Dan10
Horak, Mrun out0
Westwood, Pnot out7
Total  120

Jack A8.021401.8
Jack G6.02821.318

Streatham & Marlborough CC Innings

Joey b. Gurung, G15
Alex Procc & b. Kukreja, A2
Alex Bc & b. Gurung, G7
Matt b. Gurung, G6
Christianc & b. Gurung, G0
Vishalrun out6
Samct. Swain, E b. Boylan, B13
Jack G b. Boylan, B25
Taylorct. Gurung, G b. Boylan, B2
Jack Act. Gurung, G b. Boylan, B5
Dannot out6
Total  100

Boylan, G6.011502.5
Kukreja, A7.002012.942
Gurung, G8.05740.912
Bulpitt, M8.021802.2
Boylan, B7.302242.911
Horak, M2.001105.5

Match Report

A few spectators today and Matt Bulpitt has a late pass! What could possibly go wrong?

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