eltham player profile

Name:Toby Hanington
Batting:Stylish RHB

Jack of all trades - bowls, bats and keeps wicket. Known to talk a very good game and almost as often play one too!

Has been spotted in recent times on the boundary getting his girlfriend to bowl at him. Whether this is good or bad for his confidence levels we're not sure - but she looked a decent bowler!

Tobes has an ongoing bromance with the Chairman, Andy Redman, which often has the rest of the team either cracking up or horrified. Luckily Redders doesn't hear most of it.

Despite being a decent bat, in 2019 Tobes managed the unenviable statistic of 3 innings, three ducks. With Covid and a house move meaning he didn't play in 2020, his first innings back in 2021 had him trying to avoid the 'Audi'. Being a man made of very strong stuff, he managed to get off the mark at last, raising his bat for a single, bringing a huge cheer from his teammates.

Andy Redman was nonplussed by all the talk of Aldi, the supermarket.

Toby's Eltham all-time stats:

Inns NO Runs HS Ave Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Ave Catches Stumpings

Note: These stats cover the period 2014-2021.