Eltham Cricket Club Averages

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Batting 1984

Ody, R2357158339.72
Pratt, G30172311124.93
Rye, P721003020.00
Sylvester, P1121534517.00
Cressy, I1661562815.60
Thompson, D2132735415.17
Ayres, M911153114.38
Taylor, D837142*14.20
Quill, J2232615113.74
Phillips, D1211484313.45
Goldhagen, A50552211.00
Pratt, D51421810.50
Pratt, A2031702510.00
Hicks, H9067417.44
Honeywood, M1154011*6.67
Maidment, M53116*5.50
Crick, J20297155.39
Rowell, C31944.50
Sinden, G1223193.10
Hill, F7493*3.00
Boniface, P911792.13
Carrett, J0000n/a
Day, S0000n/a
Kirby, L0000n/a
Silvester, P0000n/a

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Bowling 1984

Carrett, J2.00110
Crick, J1.0040
Ody, R4.10260
Thompson, D3.0210
Day, S27.0751124.25
Sinden, G3.011326.50
Cressy, I202.0574224210.05
Pratt, A2.1011111.00
Pratt, D20.3468611.33
Rye, P73.0152221812.33
Hill, F73.5132381813.22
Taylor, D135.0343332215.14
Pratt, G211.0348235016.46
Maidment, M63.0112221317.08
Boniface, P75.142731419.50
Honeywood, M118.0264281235.67

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Fielding 1984

Quill, J171330
Ayres, M11011
Thompson, D10010
Phillips, D909
Pratt, A909
Ody, R808
Pratt, G808
Crick, J707
Rye, P505
Taylor, D505
Cressy, I404
Sinden, G404
Hicks, H202
Hill, F202
Honeywood, M202
Rowell, C202
Silvester, P202
Boniface, P101
Kirby, L101
Maidment, M101
Pratt, D101