Eltham Cricket Club 2015 Fixtures

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2015 Season

Fixture Card

Key: (H) Home at Footscray, (A) Away, (T) Tour

(R) signifies that a match report is available

April 2015

Sat 25th Belhus CC (A) 1pm
Won by 120 Runs (R)

May 2015

Sun 3rd Nuxley CC (A) 2pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sat 9th Gravesend CC (H) 1.30pm
Won by 113 Runs (R)

Sat 16th Ide Hill CC (A) 2pm
Won by 5 Wickets (R)

Sun 24th T10 Tournament (T) 1pm
Lost by 41 Runs (R)

Mon 25th Sway CC (T) 1pm
Won by 19 Runs (R)

Tue 26th Wellingborough Town CC (T) 3pm
Lost by 0 Runs (R)

Wed 27th Hinton Admiral CC (T) 2pm
Lost by 3 Wickets (R)

Sun 31st London City CC (H) 1.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

June 2015

Sun 7th Old Pilotonians CC (A) 1.30pm
Lost by 17 Runs

Sat 13th Bloomsbury Royals CC (H) 1.30pm
Won by 5 Wickets (R)

Sat 20th TBA (H) 1.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sat 27th Old Wimbledonians CC (A) 1pm
Lost by 14 Runs (R)

July 2015

Sat 4th TBA (H) 1.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Fri 10th Jim Hill Family Game (H) 4.30pm
Match Drawn (R)

Sun 12th Tetherdown Trundlers CC (H) 1.30pm
Won by 14 Runs (R)

Sat 18th St James CC (H) 1.30pm
Lost by 54 Runs (R)

Sat 25th London Coolers CC (H) 1.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

August 2015

Sun 2nd Spartan CC (H) 1.30pm
Match Drawn (R)

Sun 9th Wimbledon Corinthians CC (H) 1.30pm
Lost by 37 Runs (R)

Sun 16th Swanscombe CC (A) 2pm
Won by 7 Wickets (R)

Sun 23rd Rotten Livers CC (H) 1.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sat 29th Clapton and Oval CC (H) 1pm
Match Abandoned (R)

Mon 31st TBC - 20:20 Tournament (H) 11am
Match Cancelled (R)

September 2015

Sun 6th Streatham and Marlborough CC (A) 1pm
Lost by 64 Runs (R)

Sat 12th Sidcup CC (A) 1pm
Won by 9 Runs (R)

Sun 20th TBA (A) 1pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sat 26th Hunton Wanderers CC (A) 1pm
Won by 38 Runs (R)