Sun, 6th September, 2015

Vs Streatham and Marlborough CC

Streatham and Marlborough CC: 220 for 8 wickets (40.0 overs)

Eltham CC: 156 all out (36.4 overs)

Eltham lost by 64 Runs

Streatham and Marlborough CC Batting

McDonald, Clbw b. Swain, P25
Pav, Rct. Bulpitt, M b. Basir,O78
Barzole, Mct. Bisley, W b. Bulpitt, M36
Hargbusen, T b. Basir,O12
Melhuish, S b. Basir,O8
Brown, Dc & b. Basir,O5
Iftkhar, Bc & b. Bulpitt, M25
Davis, Mct. Mir, A b. Bulpitt, M3
Pearson, Snot out5
Guest, Bnot out2
Total (for 8 wickets)220

Eltham Bowling

Tanveer, A8.003504.4
Basir, B5.003607.2
Swain, P8.01811.048
Bulpitt, M7.002533.614
Wouldham, C4.002606.5

Eltham CC Batting

Bisley, Wb. Guest, B1
Mir, Ab. Melhuish, S22
Basir, Bb. Iftkhar, B48
Basir,Oct.b. Iftkhar, B11
Frey, Bb. Iftkhar, B16
Swain, Pb. Iftkhar, B8
Bulpitt, Mct.b. Hargbusen, T2
Wouldham, Cnot out9
Swain, Db. Hargbusen, T0
Tanveer, Ab. Pearson, S6
Total (for 9 wickets)156

Streatham and Marlborough CC Bowling

Guest, B8.031812.348
Pearson, S3.40912.522
Davis, M5.002304.6
Melhuish, S5.013416.830
Iftkhar, B8.013334.116
McDonald, C5.011102.2
Hargbusen, T2.001226.06

Match Report

Match report Eltham CC Vs Streatham and Marlborough CC

A sub-par batting performance in this match saw Eltham slump to defeat. Highlights though included 3 sixes from Bilal and good bowling from Omer.