Eltham Cricket Club 2007 Fixtures

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2007 Season

Fixture Card

Key: (H) Home at Footscray, (A) Away, (T) Tour

(R) signifies that a match report is available

April 2007

Sat 28th Statics CC (H) 1pm
Match Cancelled (R)

May 2007

Sat 5th Greenheath CC (H) 1pm
Match Drawn (R)

Sat 12th Footscray CC (H) 1pm
Won by 8 Runs (R)

Sun 20th Swanscombe CC (H) 1pm
Won by 41 Runs (R)

Sat 26th Farnborough CC (H) 1pm
Match Drawn (R)

June 2007

Sat 2nd Churchleigh CC (A) 2pm
Lost by 31 Runs (R)

Sat 9th Old Pilotonians CC (A) 2pm
Match Drawn (R)

Sun 17th Dartfordians CC (A) 2pm
Won by 4 Wickets (R)

Sat 23rd Natwest CC (H) 1pm
Match Drawn (R)

Fri 29th Bexley Jets CC (H) 4.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

July 2007

Sun 1st Prospect Park CC (H) 1pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sat 7th Locksbottom CC (H) 1pm
Match Drawn (R)

Sun 15th LESSA Aquila CC (H) 1pm
Match Drawn (R)

Sat 21st Old Pilotonians CC (H) 1pm
Won by 1 Wicket (R)

Sun 29th Swanscombe CC (A) 2pm
Lost by 75 Runs (R)

August 2007

Sat 4th Footscray CC (A) 2pm
Won by 4 Wickets (R)

Sat 11th Natwest CC (A) 2pm
Won by 7 Wickets (R)

Sat 18th Blackheath CC (A) 1.30pm
Won by 7 Wickets (R)

Sun 26th LESSA Aquila CC (A) 2pm
Won by 5 Wickets (R)

September 2007

Sat 1st No Oppo - Nets instead (A) 2pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sun 9th Prospect Park CC (A) 1.30pm
Won by 63 Runs (R)

Sat 15th Sidcup CC (A) 1pm
Lost by 1 Run (R)

Sat 22nd Wilmington CC (A) 1pm
Won by 70 Runs (R)