4th March, 2016

This is the home page of Eltham Cricket Club. We play social but competitive cricket, mostly on Saturdays, but occasionally on Sundays.

We like to play with a smile. If you like your cricket friendly, and you'd like to play for us, please contact us.

The 2018 Season

16th Feb 2018


The 2018 season is now over, and what an enjoyable one it was. Seasoned (ok, elderly...) regulars were joined by new players such as Gam Gurung and Charlie Lingard, who injected some much-needed youth into the proceedings. The fact that they are both great blokes was a bonus! We were also joined fleetingly by Prakash and Priyanshu who will hopefully join us more regularly next year, as both seemed to fit in very well indeed.

We have the annual Jim Hill Golf Day on Sat, 6th October - if you'd like to play, contact Pete Swain asap. Also coming up on 2nd November is the Annual Dinner, where the season's awards will be - well, awarded. We hope to see as many there as possible.


29th May 2018

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