Sat, 18th July, 2015

Vs St James CC

St James CC: 125 all out (45.0 overs)

Eltham CC: 71 all out (20.5 overs)

Eltham lost by 54 Runs

St James CC Batting

Child, T b. Tanveer, A8
Wooley, Act. Wouldham, C b. Webber, R0
Pierson, Rc & b. Rosenthal, M13
Rehal, Nct. Fisher, P b. Webber, R0
Goodchild, Nct. Tanveer, A b. Webber, R4
Singh, Rct. Boylan, B34
Williams, Mct. Wouldham, C b. Tanveer, A38
Smith, Jlbw b. Webber, R16
Malik, V b. Tanveer, A0
Eccleston, S b. Tanveer, A0
Khan, Anot out1
Total (for 10 wickets)125

Eltham Bowling

Tanveer, A11.042141.917
Webber, R12.041140.918
Rosenthal, M8.022012.548
Boylan, B9.012002.2
James, G4.003218.024
Bates, J1.0020020.0

Eltham CC Batting

Fisher, Pct.b. Child, T26
Mir, Ac & b. Pierson, R15
Boylan, Blbwb. Pierson, R6
Hicks, Hst.b. Child, T1
Roberts, Ab. Child, T0
Rosenthal, Mb. Pierson, R0
Bates, Jb. Pierson, R0
James, Gct.b. Goodchild, N10
Wouldham, Clbwb. Child, T5
Webber, Rnot out0
Tanveer, Act.b. Goodchild, N0
Total (for 10 wickets)71

St James CC Bowling

Pierson, R7.021141.611
Smith, J2.0024012.0
Child, T8.031742.112
Wooley, A2.01603.0
Goodchild, N1.51321.66

Match Report

Match report Eltham CC Vs St James CC

Old Pilots were forced to pull out of this fixture but thankfully Pete Fisher has pulled out all the stops and found another opposition.