Sat, 29th August, 2015

Vs Clapton and Oval CC

Clapton and Oval CC: 118 all out (29.3 overs)

Eltham CC: 87 for 6 wickets (30.0 overs)

Match Abandoned

Clapton and Oval CC Batting

Raghavct. Swain, P b. Zahid7
Marcus b. Zahid60
Jamielbw b. Zahid6
Adarshlbw b. Zahid18
Charlie b. Wouldham, C8
Joshrun out0
Ishmael b. Wouldham, C0
Aballct. Bulpitt, M b. Bill, G4
Alexst. Fisher, P b. Bill, G6
Chrisct. Bulpitt, M b. Bill, G2
Jimnot out1
Total (for 10 wickets)118

Eltham Bowling

Webber, R7.013605.1
Bulpitt, M3.001505.0
Swain, P5.011903.8
Wouldham, C3.02220.79
Bill, G2.30732.85

Eltham CC Batting

Fisher, Pct.b. Ishmael10
Mir, Ab. Ishmael0
Madhi, Pct.b. Ishmael0
Frey, Bb. Jim0
Swain, Pct.b. Jim19
Bulpitt, Mlbwb. Raghav5
Wouldham, Cnot out31
Bill, Gnot out2
Young, A 
Webber, R 
Total (for 6 wickets)87

Clapton and Oval CC Bowling


Match Report

Match report Eltham CC Vs Clapton and Oval CC

A game affected largely by the weather on what turned into a very wet day indeed. We should have called the game off a lot earlier than we did but when we were 41 for 5 and then 5 for 6 it looked a bit like sour grapes for the skipper to suggest stopping! Thankfully an unbroken partnership of 35 which looked like continuing persuaded everone that sour grapes were off the menu and we were able to retire to the bar for a nice cup of hot broth to warm us all up!

A nice bunch to play - hopefully next year the weather will be kinder.