eltham player profile

Name:Pradeep Madhi
Nickname:The Doctor
Batting:Unorthodox - very!
Bowling:R/H Medium

Pradeep is a relatively new player to the club but precisely what we are all about - he plays with a smile on his face win or lose.

An aggressive batsman, when Pradeep gets his eye in, opposition skippers don't know where to place the field - reverse sweeps are not unusual when Pradeep is on the charge. His bowling is also more than useful when he gets it on the right spot. In the field Pradeep is another Eltham player maybe not at the quickest point in their lives smiley for ;)

Knowing that Pradeep is in the medical profession, the Eltham committee were aghast during a 2015 match when Adam Ainsworth went down heavily in the field (with what turned out to be an aggravation of a strained drinking arm.) A number of players went to assist - but not Pradeep. On being quizzed on this Pradeep uttered the immortal line "I'm an anaesthetist - my services weren't needed!" From that we can take it that Pradeep is unlikely to be using anything out of our first aid kit anytime soon!

Pradeep's Eltham all-time stats:

Inns NO Runs HS Ave Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Ave Catches Stumpings

Note: These stats cover the period 2015-2018.