Vs Ide Hill CC

Sat, 12th May, 2018

Ide Hill CC Innings

Calthorpect. Redman, A b. Venkatraman, P0
Smallnot out81
Tuileyct. Richards, L b. Wouldham, C18
Williams b. Wouldham, C1
Brownnot out34
Total  154

Venkatraman, P9.031411.654
Bulpitt, M6.021402.3
Wouldham, C7.021522.121
Rashid, S6.001803.0
Webber, R6.003706.2
Richards, L2.001708.5
Swain, P3.002608.7

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Calthorpe15
Farrell, Gnot out8
Bulpitt, Mnot out0
Richards, L 
Venkatraman, P 
Young, A 
Swain, P 
Rashid, S 
Wouldham, C 
Redman, A 
Webber, R 
Total  24


Match Report

The first home game of 2018, and the forecast was not looking good for those Eltham weather-watchers (of which there are a growing band.) In fact, the main subject of conversation in the hours leading up to the match appeared to be which weather website was giving a proper indication of things to come. As it turned out, all of the ones that said "rain" were pretty accurate...

Well - we gave it a go. But in truth it was really always too wet for a proper game. It was pretty persistently showering while we bowled, making it hard for all of the bowlers to grip the ball and keep their feet. A feather of a caught behind gave Pad his first success of the year (and it was noted that the batsman very decently walked). Liam Richards, making his debut, caught a nice high catch to get on Colin's Christmas card list, and Colin himself bowled the left-handed number 4 with a ball he looked pretty chuffed with. The next bowlers however were unable to do much with the now-sodden ball, and the Ide Hill batsmen put on a very nice partnership to take them to 154-3, with Small finishing on a well-crafted 81 not out.

During tea, it was noted that the rain had stopped, and there was a bit of optimism that the second half of the game might be nicer than the first. Not a chance! As soon as the teams got back on the pitch, the rain started again, only this time it seemed a bit harder. The pitch was beginning to cut up and mindful that we're still in early season, nobody wanted to damage it further, so reluctantly the two skippers agreed to call it a day.

Following a warming heartening broth or two in the bar, in which it was discovered that Redders is a fan of Eurovision (tipping Cyprus at evens no less...), it was agreed that on this occasion, cricket was not the winner.

Onwards and upwards to Nuxley next week.

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