Vs Woodside Green CC

Sun, 3rd June, 2018

Woodside Green CC Innings

Smith, A b. Webber, R38
Hasler, Sct. Wouldham, C b. Mitchell, C1
Gowles, Llbw b. Gurung, G10
Borrett, R b. Lingard, C12
Gadd, Tct. Mitchell, C b. Webber, R26
Kamranct. Gurung, G b. Lingard, C0
Maguire, R b. Venkatraman, P29
Butler, Snot out5
Total  138

Venkatraman, P7.011512.142
Mitchell, C8.013013.848
Gurung, G7.011712.442
Lingard, C8.012723.424
Webber, R8.013424.224
Rashid, S0.20103.0
Frey, B1.40704.2

Eltham CC Innings

Farrell, Gct.b. Kamran3
Swain, Pb. Maguire, R8
Bill, Gct.b. Kamran4
Venkatraman, Pct.b. Butler, S28
Wouldham, Cct.b. Kamran4
Gurung, Gnot out69
Frey, Bb. Butler, S0
Mitchell, Cb. Borrett, R17
Rashid, Sb. Gowles, L4
Webber, Rnot out0
Lingard, C 
Total  142

Maguire, R8.002913.648
Butler, S7.004326.121
Barrett, R5.003016.030
Cowley, L3.317100.3
Hasler, S1.0011011.0

Match Report

An unusually bowler-heavy Eltham XI turned up at the lovely Addiscombe ground to be told that Woodside only had 8 players, having had two drop out in the morning. Rather than cancel the game, they gritted it out, with the addition of an Eltham fielder or two - huge thanks to Woodside need to be made here, as it was a lovely sunny day and perfect for cricket.

Eltham were missing Pete Fisher and Matt Bulpitt, but when Gary won the toss he had no hesitation in putting Woodside in on a decent-looking wicket. Although down to 8 players, Woodside's batting line-up looked strong and it was a good day for Eltham to have a decent bowling line-up. Opening up with pace, it wasn't long before Wouldham took a catch at first slip off Conor which stung his fingers. The other opener looked comfortable though, and Woodside slowly got into their stride. The key though was keeping the run rate down on a huge outfield - no easy feat - and both Pad and Conor started off very frugally (with Pad once again unlucky not to get a wicket or two in his opening salvo.).

Gam came on and immediately caused trouble for the Woodside top order, and got an LBW decision in his favour to remove the doughty Gowles. That was to be his one success. New boy Charlie Lingard came on for his first bowl in a cricket match for several years (though he was spotted trying a few looserners in the nets) and he settled into a rhythm pretty quickly. We hope Charlie enjoys his time at our club - especially if he continues to get wickets like he did today. The first wicket yorked the batsman, a really good ball - and in contrast the second was a long hop to a left-hander who couldn't believe he smashed it straight to Gam at backward square leg. It just goes to prove that luck is an essential part of any bowler's armoury!

Ricky and Shaukat came on to bowl but Shaukat, joining an ever-growing band of walking wounded at Eltham, had to retire from bowling after only two balls, with Brad taking over. We hope you recover soon Shauks. A couple of late wickets from Ricky and Pad restricted Woodside to 138 from their 40overs - surely within reach on this huge ground where there were lots of gaps in the field?

Well - Eltham didn't get off to a great start. With a new opening partnership, Grey and Swainy, runs looked hard to come by, with the excellent Kamrun proving particularly difficult to get away with his left-arm over the wicket medium pacers perfect for line and length, continually tempting the Eltham batsmen just outside off stump. Barrett at the other end was also bowling well, and he was unlucky not to get wickets early doors. Eventually Kamrun tempted Greg to try to drive over the in-field, and he holed out to, of all people, Gam, who was a sub fielder - that one doesn't count in the averages Gam! Pete Swain was frustrated and was bowled for Maguire for 8. Gary, suffering from the bends coming in at no.3, soon departed, and Wouldham wafted at one from Kamrun to put Eltham in trouble at 39 for four. When Brad got a duck, Conor joined Gam at the crease with Eltham teetering on the abyss at 50 for 6. As you'd expect from Conor, the best form of defence is attack, and a mini-revival started, before Conor had a heave at Barrett and was bowled for a brisk 17.

At 80 for 7 we were looking down the barrel, as Shaukat walked out to accompany Gam, who had chanced his arm a little and been dropped once by the keeper. Gam had been told that Shaukat was more than capable of holding an end up (Careful - Ed) and the game plan was clear - Shaukat to nudge and hurdle and get Gam on strike. What followed was a blistering partnership of 50, with Gam on the charge with some big boundaries, with Shaukat only contributing four runs but really doing his bit to get Gam on strike wherever possible.

Woodside could see the game slipping away and brought on their secret weapon, Gowles,to see if he could change things. He managed to bring one back in at Shaukat, who was playing back and attempting to cut, and ball just took the top of the bails, much to Shaukat's dismay. 8 runs to win, and Ricky coming in to face the music.

Well, Ricky is no rabbit (there is no truth to the rumour that Eltham poached him several years ago from the Watershed Down XI). Fending off the Woodside opener, Ricky managed to survive an over to give Gam the strike. Gam had clearly seen enough though to realise he was going to have to get things finished quickly, and this he did with a swatted four and then a massive straight six to win the game. He finished on 69 not out and looked happier than an Aussie in the sandpaper aisle at Wickes. Brilliant innings Gam!

So there we have it -an unexpected win against a depleted Woodside. But it was great fun!

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