Vs Horley CC

Sun, 8th July, 2018

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pct.b. Yeo, A85
Farrell, Gct.b. McFarlane, C15
Bulpitt, Mlbwb. Yeo, A52
Swain, Pct.b. Yeo, A9
Hanington, Tnot out16
Frey, Bnot out28
Young, A 
Mitchell, C 
Bill, G 
Lingard, C 
Redman, A 
Total  241

Childs, D5.002004.0
McFarlane, C4.002817.024
Rigby, R8.001702.1
Collins, J4.0059014.8
Yeo, A7.003935.614
Field, A4.002205.5

Horley CC Innings

Nadir, Sct. Frey, B b. Mitchell, C7
Yeo, A b. Lingard, C24
Waddington, N b. Hanington, T18
Field, A b. Swain, P16
Rigby, Rrun out28
Leon b. Mitchell, C1
Childs, Dct. Mitchell, C b. Bulpitt, M9
McFarlane, Cst. Redman, A b. Bill, G0
Naveedct. Fisher, P b. Bill, G1
Collins, Jnot out0
Field, Mnot out0
Total  133

Mitchell, C8.022923.624
Lingard, C6.021712.836
Bill, G6.211021.619
Hanington, T6.003215.336
Swain, P7.021912.742
Bulpitt, M2.00914.512

Match Report

Current status for Sunday's game

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.....

On Wed, I received a reply to our fixture advert from Edgware and Hendon CC, who were looking for a game. I said it might be a long way for them to travel, but if that was ok then we could sort out the details.

They replied "all ok."

I sent further details and asked for some more details from them and requested confirmation. This message was sent and forwarded 3 times. I had no reply.

I then sent a similar message with my contact number again asking for confirmation, still no reply.

In the meantime, I had two other potential opposition teams on hold.

This morning I sent a final message, and again have received nothing. I have no idea whether this was a genuine opposition or not. After discussion with Andy, Gary and Ricky, I decided, at lunchtime today, to approach the other teams. Also sending a cancellation email to this 'mystery team'. One team was already fixed up, the other was checking if they had sufficient players. It turns out that they hadn't! There have been no other offers of a fixture this late in the day!

And so, we have no confirmed opposition, but a team might still roll up, because they can't understand the common courtesy of confirming a fixture or supplying a contact number.

I hate this job !!! Sorry rant over....

***UPDATE***** ....and then I receive this at 10 o'clock Friday evening !!!!

"unfortunately we can???t 3 players cried they heading towards coast. I apologise I wasted your time."

What can I say? ..... #@***~## ...perhaps?

And now we get to play our new best friends Horley CC

It's a funny old world.

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