Vs Old Pilotonians CC

Sat, 14th July, 2018

Old Pilotonians CC Innings

Lippington, D b. Mitchell, C5
Farid, Slbw b. Boylan, B55
Cooke, R b. Boylan, B1
Pant, Mct. Fisher, P b. Webber, R24
La Roche, Slbw b. Boylan, B0
Harris, Jlbw b. Boylan, B2
Hatzidakis, Cnot out19
Kumar, Pct. Bulpitt, M b. Webber, R17
Sheppard, D b. Mitchell, C8
Total  165

Mitchell, C5.531522.618
Bulpitt, M4.002105.2
Swain, E4.002807.0
Boylan, B8.004145.112
Webber, R8.002923.624
Gurung, G4.001804.5

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pct.b. Hatzidakis, C20
Bulpitt, Mnot out99
Swain, Pct.b. Hatzidakis, C4
Gurung, Gc & b. Harris, J18
Mitchell, Cct.b. Harris, J0
Wouldham, Cnot out6
Swain, E 
Young, A 
Boylan, B 
Osgood, D 
Webber, R 
Total  168

Sheppard, D8.011902.4
Kumar, P5.021002.0
Hatzidakis, C6.003726.218
Harris, J8.003123.924
Farid, S8.013704.6
Lippington, D3.101304.1

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