Vs Rotten Livers CC

Sun, 19th August, 2018

Rotten Livers CC Innings

Lynnct. Wouldham, C b. Gurung, G1
Khan b. Boylan, G40
Atiq b. Gurung, G1
Umar b. Boylan, G23
Mubasshirlbw b. Lingard, C1
Mel b. Lingard, C2
Rolston b. Boylan, G0
Irfan b. Boylan, G17
Muzct. Fisher, P b. Boylan, G0
Tahirct. Boylan, C b. Lingard, C1
Imrannot out0
Total  103

Gurung, G6.011222.018
Venkatraman, P6.003205.3
Boylan, G6.503455.08
Lingard, C6.021833.012

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pct.b. Mel26
Mir, Albwb. Mubasshir0
Wouldham, Cb. Mubasshir19
Boylan, Crun out3
Boylan, Bb. Irfan4
Gurung, Gct.b. Mel8
Venkatraman, Pct.b. Muz21
Lingard, Cb. Irfan0
Webber, Rb. Atiq1
Boylan, Grun out2
Redman, Anot out5
Total  103


Match Report

A low-scoring game on an outfield so long we almost lost Pete Fish on several occasions. Well done to George Boylan on his first fivefer for Eltham, and special mention to Charlie Lingard for a great spell too with three wickets.

The chase was always difficult with very tight bowling from the Livers (who are not a Rotten bunch). A clatter of wickets brought Redders to the crease and redid what most couldn't - hit an early boundary (leg side, obviously) to get us to parity. The Livers did well though to get the final wicket and for the second time this season, Eltham took part in a tied match.

Well played all.

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