Vs Woodmansterne CC

Sat, 8th September, 2018

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Movel, P27
Mir, Act. Turner, Jb. Edwards, J72
Farrell, Gb. Karim62
Hanington, Tnot out40
Wouldham, Cnot out16
Swain, P 
Bulpitt, M 
Venkatraman, P 
Gupta, P 
Bill, G 
Redman, A 
Total  237

Movel, D6.003405.7
Movel, P7.022213.142
Edwards, J8.003414.248
Turner, J5.003907.8
Dawson, C3.002006.7
Rank, S1.00303.0

Woodmansterne CC Innings

Edwardslbw b. Bulpitt, M9
DKct. Venkatraman, P b. Bill, G5
Rank, S b. Bulpitt, M0
Corbett b. Swain, P39
Simsct. Redman, A b. Hanington, T35
Edwards, Jct. Wouldham, C b. Gupta, P8
Movel, Pct. Bulpitt, M b. Swain, P9
Dawson, Cnot out15
Karimc & b. Venkatraman, P1
Movel, Dct. Farrell, G b. Bulpitt, M0
Turner, Jrun out0
Total  140

Venkatraman, P6.431211.840
Bulpitt, M6.001332.212
Bill, G5.013416.830
Gupta, P8.061111.448
Swain, P7.003424.921
Hanington, T4.002516.224

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