Vs Petts Wood CC

Sun, 16th September, 2018

Petts Wood CC Innings

Peatfieldlbw b. Lingard, C7
Meatonrun out25
Ti b. Lingard, C27
Downes b. Venkatraman, P0
Shamilnot out72
Krishna b. Venkatraman, P10
Drydenct. Wouldham, C b. Venkatraman, P0
Cookct. Bill, G b. Wouldham, C15
Dinukct. Gurung, G b. Wouldham, C0
Dinukact. Bill, G b. Webber, R2
Mickylbw b. Webber, R1
Total  168

Gurung, G7.012603.7
Bulpitt, M5.011603.2
Lingard, C8.006428.024
Venkatraman, P10.023433.420
Wouldham, C5.011923.815
Webber, R1.30724.74

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Dinuka11
Farrell, Grun out4
Frey, Bb. Dinuka1
Venkatraman, Pct.b. Dinuk1
Swain, Pct.b. Meaton22
Bulpitt, Mlbwb. Meaton16
Gurung, Gb. Dinuka36
Wouldham, Cb. Downes19
Lingard, Cnot out12
Bill, Gct. Drydenb. Downes0
Webber, Rb. Dinuka0
Total  141


Match Report

Eltham lost for the first time here but in truth were beaten by the better bowling team on the day.

Nonetheless, a very enjoyable match against a good oppo. Chief memory for your correspondent however is the spectator who decided to stand behind me while scoring and have a chat about the match. Just as Pad got out, chipping one to midwicket, the spectator (clearly used to watching a much higher level!) asked me "Why did he play that technically inept shot?" I had no answer to this, but felt that if he considered our top 2018 batsman to be technically inept, he probably shouldn't hang around for my own innings!

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