Vs Old Elthamians CC

Sat, 1st August, 2020

Old Elthamians CC Innings

Rayendrun, Vret hurt51
Sathanthan, Rct. Swain, P b. Swain, E27
Byers, Tret hurt50
Whitehouse, Oct. Swain, E b. Swain, P5
Sameer b. Wouldham, C4
Byers, Nnot out2
Evans, Cnot out4
Glenny, P   
Woodrow, N   
Woodrow, O   
Sathanthan, A   
Total  175

Swain, P8.013714.648
Bulpitt, M8.013204.0
Swain, E8.003914.948
Frey, B4.002305.8
Wouldham, C7.003014.342

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pct. Byers, Nb. Sathanthan, A24
Farrell, Gnot out66
Swain, Enot out66
Frey, B 
Young, A 
Horak, M 
Bulpitt, M 
Swain, P 
Wouldham, C 
Bill, G 
Total  176

Woodrow, N6.005108.5
Sathanthan, A4.001513.824
Rayendrun, V4.003208.0
Byers, T7.003404.9
Woodrow, O0.10000.0

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