Vs Belhus CC

Sun, 9th August, 2020

Belhus CC Innings

Philpot, Gct. Webber, R b. Gupta, V59
Dudmish, Act. Bill, G b. Wouldham, C95
Wilson, Z b. Frey, B82
Mosazai, Mst. Bill, G b. Horak, M12
Overy, Hnot out18
Waters, Tnot out8
Dhannie, K   
Read, W   
Long, R   
Marlow, R   
Wilson, J   
Total  280

Swain, P8.024105.1
Swain, E4.003408.5
Webber, R8.007209.0
Wouldham, C8.013314.148
Gupta, V5.0051110.230
Horak, M4.002215.524
Frey, B3.002518.318

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Overy, H20
Farrell, Gct. Read, Wb. Wilson, J67
Swain, Elbwb. Wilson, J57
Frey, Brun out7
Westwood, Pct. Wilson, Jb. Mosazai, M1
Swain, Plbwb. Wilson, J30
Horak, Mnot out9
Gupta, Vnot out0
Wouldham, C 
Bill, G 
Webber, R 
Total  198

Long, R5.001903.8
Overy, H5.012515.030
Waters, T8.014906.1
Dhannie, K5.011803.6
Marlow, R5.002705.4
Wilson, J7.003434.914
Mosazai, M5.012114.230

Match Report

We're playing at Belhus's main ground which for the sat navels amongst us is at RM15 5UD

The Belhus website gives the following instructions if coming by road:

From the A13 take exit signposted A1012 Grays, but follow signs to North Stifford. From London/M25 (the West), take the first exit from the roundabout at the top of the A1012 exit sliproad.

From Southend/Basildon (the East), take the fourth exit at roundabout at top of the A1012 sliproad.

Into North Stifford village, Sherwood is approximately 600 yards past St Mary's Church on the left.

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