Vs Horley CC

Sun, 25th April, 2021

Horley CC Innings

Childs, K b. Horak, M66
Grimwood, H b. Bulpitt, M19
Warren, Shit wicket b. Fisher, P45
Waddington, Nnot out44
Hyde, Gnot out21
Childs, D   
Field, A   
Terry, C   
Yeo, A   
James, E   
Total  210

Bulpitt, M10.004414.460
Swain, P5.004108.2
Kukreja, A7.013304.7
Frey, B2.001608.0
Horak, M5.002515.030
Westwood, P4.002506.2
Wouldham, C6.03701.2
Fisher, P1.0014114.06

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Naved23
Farrell, Gct. Waddington, Nb. Naved24
Young, Act. Childs, Db. Naved6
Frey, Bb. Naved0
Swain, Pct. Warren, Sb. Childs, D4
Bulpitt, Mb. Childs, D5
Wouldham, Cct. Navedb. Childs, D4
Kukreja, Act. Hyde, Gb. Terry, C4
Horak, Mb. Yeo, A2
Westwood, Pct. Warren, Sb. Field, A3
Bill, Gnot out10
Total  113

Field, A7.111712.443
Yeo, A7.021512.142
James, E7.013104.4
Childs, D6.021532.512
Terry, C5.02811.630

Match Report

A heavy loss to start the season but positives were definitely taken. Firstly, of course, the very fact that we were able to play at all. Secondly, we had a full team, including new member Ankit Kukreja who looked promising in the net session before the game. Special thanks go to Horley for allowing us to book a net at their ground, our hosts could not have been better on the day.

The address for the ground is:

The Pavillion
Horley Row

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