Vs Ide Hill CC

Sat, 8th May, 2021

Ide Hill CC Innings

Calthorpe P b. Bulpitt, M17
Wild Rct. Bill, G b. Van-Rooyen,C71
Wilkinson Dc & b. Bulpitt, M7
Wrigley Irun out28
Boakes Mst. Bill, G b. Hanington, T34
Calthorpe N b. Westwood, P0
Coppendale P b. Van-Rooyen,C20
House Mct. Webber, R b. Hanington, T23
Keeler Dnot out7
Littleton Rnot out2
Pulley J   
Total  245

Bulpitt, M7.002022.921
Swain, P5.003306.6
Webber, R7.012904.1
Horak, M6.003405.7
Westwood, P5.003316.630
Hanington, T8.005927.424

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pct. Littleton Rb. House M28
Swain, Pct. Littleton Rb. House M17
Young, Ab. House M0
Bulpitt, Mct. House Mb. Keeler D36
Hanington, Tct. Calthorpe Pb. Keeler D30
Horak, Mrun out0
Van-Rooyen,Cct. Wrigley Ib. Pulley J0
Westwood, Pct. Calthorpe Nb. Pulley J8
Bill, Glbwb. Wrigley I5
Redman, Anot out9
Webber, Rb. Wrigley I0
Total  158

Littleton R7.022403.4
House M7.013334.714
Boakes M4.011704.2
Keeler D7.003024.321
Pulley J5.012525.015
Calthorpe N3.001304.3
Wrigley I2.32120.47
Calthorpe P1.01000.0

Match Report

A big loss against our mates at Ide Hill. Highlights of the day including Toby Hanington playing for the first time in 2019, where his three innings resulted in three ducks. Another duck today would have completed his "Audi", with much talk about whether he could achieve this and move on to the "Olympic Rings" in his next match. Thankfully for all, Tobes got 30 runs and put this sort of talk to bed.

And that is just as well for the Chairman, Andy Redman, who confessed in the Eltham WhatsApp group the next day that he had been confused by all the talk about "Aldi" during the match.

On a very small ground, large scores are always a possibility and this is a bit of a bowler's graveyard. Eltham managed to keep up with the run rate for a while, but once we started losing wickets we couldn't;t seem to stop, which was disappointing as this was a time game and a draw was a possibility. We lasted until the last three overs before Ricky was undone by bowling that was a little too fast for his liking, but there was no shame in getting out to something of a snorter of a delivery.

Cricket as always was the winner and a couple of beers were enjoyed (courtesy of Matt and Phil - thank you guys) with the oppo after the game, with many laughs as always.

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