Vs Kings Rd Cricket & Social Club

Sat, 22nd May, 2021

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Khan Osman10
Swain, Pb. Venkatesh N16
Bulpitt, Mlbwb. Khan Osman11
Hanington, Tb. Venkatesh N0
Kukreja, Act.b. Keating J7
Venkatraman, Prun out6
Van-Rooyen,Cb. Keating J9
Mitchell, Cst.b. Murraywood J20
Frey, Bnot out6
Vashisth, Anot out1
Webber, R 
Total  117

Khan Osman6.002524.218
Venkatesh N6.002223.718
Montgomery J4.01802.0
Mahoney J3.002006.7
Keating J5.001422.815
Newlove O4.01902.2
Bibby R2.00703.5
Murraywood J2.00914.512

Kings Rd Cricket & Social Club Innings

Sherman Dnot out52
Pinkney Jnot out48
Murraywood J   
Bibby R   
Montgomery J   
Brown C   
Keating J   
Newlove O   
Mahoney J   
Khan Osman   
Venkatesh N   
Total  120

Mitchell, C4.001704.2
Venkatraman, P4.011102.8
Webber, R4.001503.8
Vashisth, A4.011804.5
Kukreja, A3.002809.3
Hanington, T2.101707.8
Frey, B1.0012012.0

Match Report

The first home match of the season saw Eltham fall to a heavy 10 wicket defeat in this rain affected 32 over match. The highlights were the return to the fold of Pad after a long spell out with injury and the first appearance since 2019 of Conor. We hope to see both a lot more this season.

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