Vs Carlton Sports CC

Sun, 30th May, 2021

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Carlton Sports CC Innings

Muhollmed S b. Vashisth, A77
Mohammad J b. Venkatraman, P0
Mutlammed Kct. Swain, P b. Venkatraman, P0
Nye Kct. Borat b. Day, L96
Radburn Nnot out31
McInnes Rnot out3
Alfie Cobley   
Stone K   
Bishop K   
Stone J   
Radburn K   
Total  240

Venkatraman, P6.021622.718
Webber, R6.014106.8
Boylan, B7.003605.1
Vashisth, A6.004717.836
Day, L7.013414.942
Westwood, P3.001906.3

Eltham CC Innings

Swain, Pb. Bishop K17
Vashisth, Albwb. Bishop K21
Bill, Gct.b. Stone J7
Venkatraman, Pnot out49
Young, Ab. Mohammad J0
Boylan, Bnot out11
Westwood, P 
Day, L 
Webber, R 
Total  124

Alfie Cobley11.013202.9
Bishop K9.031822.027
Radburn K6.03500.8
Stone J7.002012.942
McInnes R3.001003.3
Radburn N3.001404.7
Nye K2.001105.5
Mohammad J2.00311.512

Match Report

Gary has managed to pick up a fixture against an old opposition of hours from years gone by.

Please do arrive early enough to help prepare everything required for a home game.

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