Vs Rainham CC

Sun, 27th June, 2021

Eltham CC Innings

Farrell, Gb. Choudhary, J12
Swain, Eb. Benjamin, R28
Swain, Pb. Rathod, R81
Bulpitt, Mct. Stretton, Pb. Karuna, C25
Frey, Bb. Fevzi-Hunt, L8
Venkatraman, Pct. Stretton, Pb. Rathod, R13
Kukreja, Albwb. Fevzi-Hunt, L0
Day, Lnot out0
Vashisth, Anot out1
Bill, G 
Total  195

Fevzi-Hunt, L8.022122.624
Choudhary, J6.021913.236
Stretton, P5.003006.0
Benjamin, R4.0044111.024
Karuna, C4.021413.524
Vickers, C5.003206.4
Rathod, R5.092124.215

Rainham CC Innings

Alacacut, Act. Swain, P b. Day, L2
Vickers, Cct. Bulpitt, M b. Venkatraman, P8
Sodasa, Hct. Farrell, G b. Venkatraman, P9
Goriparplydt, V b. Kukreja, A0
Porter, Act. Vashisth, A b. Kukreja, A3
Rathod, Rct. Farrell, G b. Van-Rooyen,C9
Fevzi-Hunt, L b. Vashisth, A9
Choudhary, Jct. Kukreja, A b. Vashisth, A25
Karuna, Cnot out12
Benjamin, Rc & b. Bulpitt, M1
Stretton, Pnot out10
Total  95

Day, L4.30912.027
Vashisth, A11.002722.533
Venkatraman, P6.04721.218
Kukreja, A8.021121.424
Frey, B4.001002.5
Bulpitt, M3.02210.718

Match Report

Original opposition Nuxley have dropped out, so we are looking for an alternative.

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