Vs Roffey CC

Sun, 15th August, 2021

Roffey CC Innings

Abrahams, D b. Bulpitt, M0
Hewell, M b. Vashisth, A6
Danehay, Tlbw b. Bulpitt, M33
Oram, Gnot out54
Moss, Jlbw b. Horak, M35
Wickington, Gst. Bill, G b. Boylan, C0
Greening, B b. Boylan, C0
Moss, B b. Horak, M10
Harper, Lrun out28
Taylor, Wlbw b. Boylan, B5
Hayes, Bct. Swain, P b. Boylan, B7
Total  194

Boylan, G6.011702.8
Bulpitt, M5.002725.415
Vashisth, A8.004115.148
Boylan, C8.014325.424
Horak, M6.012624.318
Boylan, B6.513124.520

Eltham CC Innings

Swain, Pnot out86
Boylan, Brun out7
Boylan, Gb. Hayes, B3
Young, Act. Abrahams, Db. Harper, L4
Van-Rooyen,Cc & b. Hewell, M5
Bulpitt, Mnot out50
Boylan, Cb. Hewell, M2
Evans, Db. Hewell, M4
Horak, Mb. Hewell, M2
Vashisth, Anot out14
Bill, Gct. Abrahams, Db. Hewell, M3
Total  200

Hayes, B6.002914.836
Taylor, W4.103709.2
Harper, L5.004018.030
Hewell, M8.022953.610
Danehay, T6.023305.5
Moss, B1.0031031.0

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