Vs OD Cuaco CC

Sun, 29th August, 2021

OD Cuaco CC Innings

Rouse, Act. Bevan, G b. Westwood, P13
Watson, M b. Bulpitt, M6
Choudhary, M b. Wouldham, C50
Colby, C b. Wouldham, C64
Bennett, Oct. Bulpitt, M b. Wouldham, C4
Jones, H b. Bulpitt, M0
Vigus, Dnot out3
Zahid b. Bulpitt, M1
Boydon, Mnot out0
Choudhary, Z   
Bodice, H   
Total  167

Bulpitt, M8.03730.916
Horak, M5.002505.0
Westwood, P4.002616.524
Day, L3.00501.7
Webber, R6.012404.0
Frey, B4.002205.5
Swain, E4.003609.0
Wouldham, C6.00731.212

Eltham CC Innings

Swain, Pnot out29
Swain, Eb. Choudhary, Z25
Day, Lct.b. Boydon, M6
Frey, Bb. Colby, C47
Bulpitt, Mb. Boydon, M5
Bill, Glbwb. Choudhary, Z4
Bevan, Gb. Bennett, O7
Horak, Mct.b. Bennett, O3
Westwood, Plbwb. Colby, C0
Wouldham, Cst.b. Colby, C6
Webber, Rnot out2
Total  163

Bodice, H6.003706.2
Choudhary, M6.011402.3
Choudhary, Z7.021822.621
Boydon, M7.003224.621
Bennett, O7.011822.621
Jones, H2.001105.5
Colby, C5.001432.810

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