Sun, 21st May, 2023

Vs Leybourne CC

Leybourne CC: 184 for 7 wickets (40.0 overs)

Eltham CC: 159 all out (39.3 overs)

Eltham lost by 25 Runs

Leybourne CC Batting

Bray, Jct. Wouldham, C b. Day, L59
Hasler, S b. Mitchell, C34
McGinty, T b. Hanington, T28
McGinty, A b. Day, L0
Palmer, Dlbw b. Day, L0
Haughey, A b. Wouldham, C8
Bray, Tnot out42
Smith, Arun out4
Wattman, L   
Barston, C   
Smith, M   
Total (for 7 wickets)184

Eltham Bowling

Mitchell, C6.013415.736
Venkatraman, P4.011303.2
Day, L8.013234.016
Burgess, C3.002709.0
Hanington, T6.001913.236
Wouldham, C5.001913.830

Eltham CC Batting

Fisher, Pc & b. Bray, J61
Farrell, Glbwb. Smith, A10
Hanington, Tc & b. Haughey, A43
Burgess, Cct.b. Smith, A1
Venkatraman, Pct.b. Bray, J3
Mitchell, Cb. Bray, J19
Day, Lct.b. McGinty, T0
Wouldham, Cnot out6
Horak, Mb. Haughey, A0
Van-Rooyen,Cb. Bray, T0
Young, Act.b. Haughey, A0
Total (for 10 wickets)159

Leybourne CC Bowling

Bray, T8.012312.948
Haughey, A7.303734.915
Wattman, L4.003007.5
Smith, A8.003524.424
Bray, J8.021331.616
McGinty, T4.002115.324

Mark doesn't look too chuffed to meet "that bloody duck" in 2023

Match Report

Match report Eltham CC Vs Leybourne CC

A good game against a new opposition who we hope to renew aquaintance with next year.  In the end Leybourne were a little too strong on the day for us, but this was an enjoyable match between two well-matched clubs.

Four ducks - FOUR!!! - didn't help our cause.  You can see the victims at the match gallery for the Leybourne game