Sun, 21st May, 2023

Vs Leybourne CC

Leybourne CC: 184 for 7 wickets (40.0 overs)

Eltham CC: 159 all out (39.3 overs)

Eltham lost by 25 Runs

Leybourne CC Batting

Bray, Jct. Wouldham, C b. Day, L59
Hasler, S b. Mitchell, C34
McGinty, T b. Hanington, T28
McGinty, A b. Day, L0
Palmer, Dlbw b. Day, L0
Haughey, A b. Wouldham, C8
Bray, Tnot out42
Smith, Arun out4
Wattman, L   
Barston, C   
Smith, M   
Total (for 7 wickets)184

Eltham Bowling

Mitchell, C6.013415.736
Venkatraman, P4.011303.2
Day, L8.013234.016
Burgess, C3.002709.0
Hanington, T6.001913.236
Wouldham, C5.001913.830

Eltham CC Batting

Fisher, Pc & b. Bray, J61
Farrell, Glbwb. Smith, A10
Hanington, Tc & b. Haughey, A43
Burgess, Cct.b. Smith, A1
Venkatraman, Pct.b. Bray, J3
Mitchell, Cb. Bray, J19
Day, Lct.b. McGinty, T0
Wouldham, Cnot out6
Horak, Mb. Haughey, A0
Van-Rooyen,Cb. Bray, T0
Young, Act.b. Haughey, A0
Total (for 10 wickets)159

Leybourne CC Bowling

Bray, T8.012312.948
Haughey, A7.303734.915
Wattman, L4.003007.5
Smith, A8.003524.424
Bray, J8.021331.616
McGinty, T4.002115.324

The fourth duck of the day goes to Lindsey - oh gawd!

Match Report

Match report Eltham CC Vs Leybourne CC

A good game against a new opposition who we hope to renew aquaintance with next year.  In the end Leybourne were a little too strong on the day for us, but this was an enjoyable match between two well-matched clubs.

Four ducks - FOUR!!! - didn't help our cause.  You can see the victims at the match gallery for the Leybourne game