Sun, 28th May, 2023

Vs Horley CC

Eltham CC: 129 all out (38.2 overs)

Horley CC: 131 for 6 wickets (33.1 overs)

Eltham lost by 4 Wickets

Eltham CC Batting

Fisher, Plbwb. Waddington, R32
Farrell, Gb. Rigby, R12
Swain, Pb. Bunn, D12
Boylan, Gb. Bunn, D9
Frey, Bb. Bunn, D2
Boylan, Bb. Bunn, D5
Pilling, Dct. Grimwood, Eb. Childs, D1
Van-Rooyen,Cb. Childs, D1
Burgess, Cb. Childs, D0
Bill, Gb. Rigby, R15
Wouldham, Cnot out21
Total (for 10 wickets)129

Horley CC Bowling

Clargo, T4.03200.5
Grimwood, E4.011002.5
Rigby, R5.221122.116
Childs, D8.043033.816
Waddington, R6.002414.036
Bunn, D8.021441.712
Brookes, G0.40609.0
De Castro, T0.20000.0
Chadwick, N2.001708.5

Horley CC Batting

De Castro, T b. Boylan, G12
Clargo, Tlbw b. Burgess, C38
Brookes, Gc & b. Wouldham, C16
De Castro, Crun out3
Chadwick, Nlbw b. Boylan, B36
Grimwood, E b. Wouldham, C0
Rigby, Rnot out17
Bunn, Rnot out1
Childs, D   
Waddington, R   
Bunn, D   
Total (for 6 wickets)131

Eltham CC Bowling

Boylan, G6.01911.536
Pilling, D6.003505.8
Burgess, C6.012414.036
Wouldham, C5.011723.415
Boylan, B3.101514.719

Match Report

Match report Eltham CC Vs Horley CC

Another defeat for Eltham today, due to a poor batting display on a decent track which did not ultimately give the bowlers enought to play with.  

Winning the toss, skipper George chose to bat first - a vote of confidence for the batsmen if ever there was one.  Although the wicket looked a touch green, it looked better than the Footscray wicket, so this probably played a part in George's decision. The question was - would the batting be up to the task?

A solid start ensued with Eltham's senior partnership, Fisher and Farrell (the two F's) setting off at a measured, if sedate, pace.  Pete Fisher opened up on a few occasions with some lusty drives, but the bowling from Grimwood and Clargo in particular was tight.  By the time Greg was bowled by the first change bowler, Rigby, the score stood at 38 from the opening 13 overs. Time to inject some impetus into proceedings.

Well, cricket is a funny game, and whilst regular readers would expect to hear that the introduction of Pete Swain to the crease would up the run rate, alas it was not to be on this occasion.  Swainy struggled to find his usual timing, and when the Fish was adjudged LBW to the leg-spinning Waddington for a spirited 32, all eyes were on our Aussie enforcer to see if he could magically locate it.

Whilst the Hunt for Swain's Mojo continued, wickets suddenly started clattering at the other end.  First, George missed a full toss while attempting to hit a landing 747 on Runway 2 at Gatwick and was bowled by spinner Bunn. Brad entered the fray (not the Frey) and also missed a straight one from Bunn.  Swainy was then put out of his misery by Bunn, who hit the stumps again. When the same thing then happened to Bernie, Bunn was on 4 wickets for 12 runs.  There was to be no icing on the cake for Bunn, however, and he finished on a very creditable 4-14 from his 8 overs. Eltham 86-6 and staring into the abyss.

With the sound of leather on stumps reverberating around Horley, it was time to see if young Daniel Pilling would fare better.  He didn't, slapping a ball from Dave Childs straight to cover. Clinton, muttering F-bombs as he took guard, was also soon back in the pavillion (where the F-bombs continued) after being bowled by Childs. When Callum was also bowled by Childs for his second Amelia of the season, Eltham found themselves teetering on the edge at 95-9.

Gary Bill and Colin Wouldham (chuntering at his second appearance at no.11 this season) were left to defend Eltham's honour.  Could we get to 100? Could we use up the final 6 overs? 

Well, it's a yes and no answer to that.  Both batsmen decided to attack, and by the time Gary was bowled by the returning Rigby for an excellent 15, the score stood at 129.  Colin ended up on 21 not out and - for those who give him grief for slow scoring - was the only Eltham batsman to score at more than a run a ball - so yah boo sucks. Whilst we didn't feel that 129 was enough on this track, at least it gave us something to bowl at.

After an actual tea (how nice!) Eltham went out to see how much damage they could inflict with the ball.  George and Daniel opened up and both bowed with pace and accuracy, with George getting the early wicket of opener De Castro.  The other opener, Clargo, was seeing the ball well, and playing his own game with Wouldham (at slip) and Swain (at Gully) to see how many times he could thread the ball between them (answer: a lot).  If either of them moved - he put it to the other side of them. In the end all you can really say is "Well played, Sir!" when someone does that. 

Thankfully, Callum came on as first change and managed to trap Clargo with a straight one that hit the pads, leading to a typically polite Eltham appeal that was mercifully given by the umpire. De Castro Senior, bearing more than a passing resemblance to Alan Sugar, came out to bat with his young Apprentice Brookes and there followed a period where the bowling was on top, with neither batsman able to get the ball off the square. This pressure ultimately lead to them attempting a quick single to Brad, who accurately threw in from the covers for wicketkeeper Bill to whip the bails off and tell De Castro that he had been fired.

Clinton had replaced Daniel from the far end and was again unlucky to finish with nothing in the wickets column, although thankfully no catches were dropped off his bowling this week.  We think he might burst a blood vessel if it happens again. Colin replaced Callum and took a sharp return catch from Brookes who felt a tad unlucky to be out after rocketing the ball back to the bowler.  When Bernie replaced Clinton and got Chadwick LBW for 36, Horley were 5 down, but already had over 100.

Colin did manage to bowl out Grimwood, who missed a straight one which clipped leg stump, but that was as good as it got for Eltham, with Rigby and Bunn seeing Horley home to a 4-wicket victory.

A very enjoyable game against our old friends.

Reporting: Colin Wouldham