Sat, 11th May, 2024

Vs Ide Hill CC

Ide Hill CC: 140 all out (37.5 overs)

Eltham CC: 141 for 9 wickets (34.0 overs)

Eltham won by 1 Wicket

Ide Hill CC Batting

Peter Calthorpect. Venkatraman, P b. Boylan, C43
Dave Keeler b. Horak, M2
Charlie Jerromct. Venkatraman, P b. Pilling, D2
Freddie Southwellct. Swain, E b. Day, L41
Paul Coppendale b. Day, L0
Chris Nealect. Wouldham, C b. Day, L4
Rob Littleton b. Boylan, G6
Lijoy Joserun out8
Avi Malhotract. Day, L b. Boylan, G1
Simon Coopct. Day, L b. Van-Rooyen,C7
Jon Pulleynot out0
Total (for 10 wickets)140

Eltham Bowling

Pilling, D7.021512.142
Horak, M6.002414.036
Day, L8.014035.016
Boylan, C10.022712.760
Boylan, G4.511322.715

Eltham CC Batting

Swain, Elbwb. Rob Littleton20
Swain, Plbwb. Simon Coop4
Boylan, Bb. Simon Coop0
Venkatraman, Pb. Simon Coop4
Boylan, Gct. Dave Keelerb. Lijoy Jose18
Wouldham, Clbwb. Rob Littleton17
Day, Llbwb. Dave Keeler30
Pilling, Dnot out12
Boylan, Cct.b. Rob Littleton0
Van-Rooyen,Cb. Dave Keeler4
Horak, Mnot out0
Total (for 9 wickets)141

Ide Hill CC Bowling

Rob Littleton10.023033.020
Simon Coop5.002535.010
Lijoy Jose9.041211.354
Paul Coppendale3.001906.3
Avi Malhotra4.001904.7
Dave Keeler3.001224.09

Match Report

Match report Eltham CC Vs Ide Hill CC

On this very day, it seemed summer was here. The sun was shining bright not a cloud to be seen, the grass cut and wicket prepared, all the chairs lined up to the left of the changing rooms, resembling an old school hall being used as a make shift cinema, on the big screen was Ide Hill versus Eltham cc. Intermittently the troops of Eltham rolled into the car park, guising who was next was the game played by the early birds now already staking claim to their seats for the day. Oh, look there are no cows or sheep in the field today. This was a bit eerie, had the farm animals taken to watching a different sport down in a lower meadow, this was not right, how dare they.

The captains went over to the wicket, wait what is going on, it's always decided Eltham would field first and chase an unchasable total by our bunch of cricket crazy mates in this time game format. Today was different, there was more to be won than a game of cricket, there was a game of heads or tails. What seemed to be a decade of minutes with close inspection of the wicket, the skipper strolled back  and gave us the tremendous news that he won the toss, Pad  won the toss, great start. He chose to field first.

Time to all bundle into a changing room not big enough to swing a cat in, I'm sure this room had been put on a hot wash, it seem to be getting smaller, either that, or we all had a good winter feed and became slightly shy of rotund. We took to the field, the opening pair of Daniel Pilling and Marky Mark began their overs. There were a few chuckles when the ball going through to the keeper were stopped more like goal keeper than wicket keeper, there were a few spots on the wicket where that ball did not bounce, ha this was village stuff at its best. YES MARK was the cry when the bails went tumbling to the floor off what wasn't the greatest delivery, but stayed very low, batter swung way too early probably had time to swing again, never the less he was gone. A short while later another wicket down, in steps Ide Hill's big hitting batsman Charlie. They start their assault on Eltham's bowlers, this has been seen way too many times here before, it's all too familiar having to clamber over the fence to retrieve the now taking a bashing ball. Catch, catch bellows out from the field, a ball from Daniel is hit in the sky towards safe hands Pad, this was a big wicket.

A good game so far apart from Elliot's fielding, something that doesn't sound right, Elliot mis-fielding!, was it his new job turning him into a mere mortal in the field. Shortly before drinks came the wicket everyone was after, yes you guessed it, Peter Calthorpe was now to watch the game from the side line, not sure why Eltham were more pleased with this wicket but we were - Pete is alays a big scalp. There was something in that juice, gulped down on this warm sunny day, the field tightened up and we, I kid you not, Eltham were now not giving much away and more wickets tumbled, edged and taken by brilliant keeping off a ball from Lindsey and as usual bamboozles the batsmen and adds wickets to his all round performance so far.

It was now safe for the skipper to introduce the Admiral for the final overs, what could go wrong. First ball - full toss head hight, dispatched over the club house rattling a tree and falling into the road, a no ball six, that's what could go wrong, with still an entire over yet to be bowled, please Clinton not now. Amends were made by a few dot balls (12 on the trot actually - Ed). It was tea. Was this true, only 140 to chase down?

The Swains were selected as the opening pair to build a foundation for Eltham, Elliot in fine form leading the six league from last week and Pete yet to score, this was going to be a good watch, Elliot is off the mark with a six, wont be long and we will be in the pub is the thought from the side line. Howzat is the shout and up goes the finger, the Swain dog has been given out LBW with only four runs to his name, nooooo this can't be true.
Bernie takes guard looks around at the field and where he wants to place the ball, gone first ball bowled, wait this isn't happening. Not today.

It's as though reducing Ide Hill to 140 wasn't enough, It was time for the skipper to face his first ball of the season, he walks on with his bottle of lucozade stops half way turns back, brings his liquid sugar and places it on the floor. Pad you're going to need that in this heat and the way you play, picking up singles, smashing boundaries? 4 runs later he was back drinking from his bottle, how did he know he wasn't going to be out there long??? It was George in next, its ok George will do this, he picks up a valuable 18 runs before he his caught. Elliot is given LBW.

Cometh the hour cometh the night watchman in Colin (You cheeky blighter - Ed). A single here a single there, dot balls, he is frustrating the opposition and possibly a few of his team mates (there is 2 there) comes the shout from the sidelines. It was down to Lindsey to pick up the runs, which he did in fine fashion until he is given the dreaded finger for LBW!, there are not many runs left to get, we can still win this game, although Colin looked like he wanted to draw the game with his waiting for the right ball mentality. A valuable partnership between Colin and Lindsey drawing us closer to the finish was now broken.

Daniel and Colin at the crease, its getting tense but doable. First ball and Daniel manages to just get some willow down in time between ball and stumps, that was too close for comfort. SHOT Daniel is echoed in harmony like an acappella band, as he finds the boundary. WHAAAAT? Now Colin has been given the finger for yet another LBW decision. No sooner had Charlie B walked in he was walking back out, only a picture with that duck on his mind now, thankfully he made a huge contribution with the ball in the previous innings. Clinton takes to the field, let the chaos begin, with quick singles, shouts no, yes yes, causing a mis-field, this was going our way. A hand full of runs now required. Next ball pitches in the "spot"  stays low creeping under the bat and knocking the bails off. We have one remaining wicket in Mark. The game can either be won, lost or drawn! a nail biting finish to say the least.

Daniel smokes one for four and the game is won, we've won at Ide Hill, at this point instead of celebrating a very rare win against our old friends, Padster wants to call an on field meeting about the LBWs. You can do one Pad, lets go to the Pub!

An exciting game played by both teams.

Reporting: Admiral Clinton Fingers Van Rooyen