Sun, 23rd June, 2024

Vs Southborough CC

Eltham CC: 157 for 9 wickets (40.0 overs)

Southborough CC: 161 for 3 wickets (24.4 overs)

Eltham lost by 7 Wickets

Eltham CC Batting

Farrell, Gct.b. Wilkes19
Swain, Pct.b. Green0
Swain, Ect.b. Green0
Frey, Bct.b. Wilkes7
Venkatraman, Pct.b. Wilkes22
Boylan, Gct.b. Wilkes5
Wouldham, Cct.b. Green24
Boylan, Bc & b. Wilkes0
Pilling, Dct.b. Green46
Van-Rooyen,Cnot out8
Webber, Rnot out1
Total (for 9 wickets)157

Southborough CC Bowling


Southborough CC Batting

Davisct. Pilling, D b. Boylan, G23
Gowct. Wouldham, C b. Pilling, D0
Holderct. Farrell, G b. Van-Rooyen,C28
Brownnot out59
Abreonot out33
Total (for 3 wickets)161

Eltham CC Bowling

Pilling, D7.004316.142
Webber, R7.012904.1
Boylan, G5.002715.430
Venkatraman, P2.0022011.0
Farrell, G0.40507.5

Match Report

Match report Eltham CC Vs Southborough CC

We arrived at the picturesque cricket ground, nestled at the end of a high street, with benches lined up around the boundary for local spectators to enjoy the Sunday afternoon match. The scenery was breathtaking, and we couldn't help but admire it. However, our attention was soon diverted when Brad sent a message saying he was here, but no one was around, had Brad gone to the wrong ground? This time, he had simply gone to the wrong street address near the ground.

We noticed that our opponents, a team of teenagers and a 60-year-old, were getting ready to play. We were optimistic about our chances, with a strong batting lineup and a beautiful ground to play on. If we win the toss, we are batting first with this line were the words from Pad. The oppos captain got dressed up in a blazer and hat for the toss (it was as though he was missing three members of his barber quartet). Pad comes back and says we are batting first, so you won the toss then? , no the oppo have put us in to bat.

The game began with our openers, Greg and Swainy, walking out to bat. Greg got off the mark with a single, Swainy was dismissed shortly after, feathering an edge to slip. This brought Elliot into the game, who moans about batting third, he must sit there padded up and wait ages for someone to get out. Not today, he was in first over.

Elliot's innings was short-lived as he too was dismissed in the same manner as Swainy. This left us reeling. Brad walked out at number 4 and looked determined to make the most of his opportunity. He got off to a flying start, hitting a boundary and playing some aggressive shots. However, he was eventually caught by the keeper for a hand full of runs. Padster, our captain, came in next and looked set to rebuild the innings with some stylish shots. But in a surprise turn of events, he was also dismissed by a one-handed diving catch by the keeper. George in next, who smashed a four before being dismissed himself.

Bernie was in and out first ball, leaving us in a precarious position. Colin was next in and did what he does best - frustrating the bowlers and slowing down the game. Daniel was batting well alongside him, taking back foot shots, and racking up runs. Colin's solid batting was to give us some hope of getting a better total, especially after the first thee scoring shots from him were a four, a run for two and then out of no where Colin swats one just behind square, (we all lean forward eyes glued to the ball to see if its going to make it over the boundary, yes, Colin has joined the six league this season with that shot). Colin's innings came to an end when he edged to slip.

With only two overs left, Daniel was still just short of his 50. Clinton came in and got a few runs. Daniel just missed out on his 50 as he is dismissed, in comes Ricky at his favourite number in the batting order, a quick single and he is off the mark. Eltham end their innings on 156/8.

As we reflected on our performance, Greg commented that it might be 80 runs short. During tea it was mentioned to the oppo that they did say they were a weak team. You were just unlucky today we never take catches like that, last week we gave away about 40 extras.

It’s the second innings and the opening pair of Daniel and Ricky get us underway with the ball. Daniel takes one in the first over, Some tidy overs from both, its as though this wasn’t Ricky’s first game in a while. Their batsmen start to chip away at the total. Next to take wicket is George, the ball comes whizzing passed him rather flat to long off where Daniel is fielding and takes the catch. He can do no wrong today.

The batsman now have their eye in and whacking it either of our field positions. Just when we were starting to put pressure on them, they make the total look so easy to get. The admiral has one edged up to point and its taken cleanly by Greg, with only 2 runs to win in steps Greg to bowl.

First ball, single, second ball smacked to square leg about head hight, Brad get his hands to it and slaps in to the air, he loses sight of it and looking at the rest of the field in the hope someone is going to point him in the direction of the ball I can only guess as the whole field including batsmen, umpires and spectators are thinking that’s gone just above your head he will catch it on the second attempt. The ball drops past the front of his cap and plops onto the floor by his shoes. There are sighs as well as laughter, Greg almost had a wicket there with a rather high looping ball. Next ball is a dot, fourth ball and there is no mistake with this its been dispatched behind square for four. Game over. The total is chased down without a sweat in the glorious sunshine. Could they have been to strong for us or were we just unlucky loosing the big hitters in the first over, wickets falling at regular intervals.

Over and Out The Admiral.