Sat, 13th July, 2024

Vs Ide Hill CC

Ide Hill CC: 200 for 6 wickets (43.0 overs)

Eltham CC: 60 for 4 wickets (17.0 overs)

Match Abandoned

Ide Hill CC Batting

Peter Calthorpelbw b. Horak, M22
Clive Brown b. Venkatraman, P15
Charlie Jerrom b. Van-Rooyen,C58
Chris Neale b. Burgess, C0
Lijoy Jose b. Van-Rooyen,C32
Bilal Rasheedst. Swain, E b. Van-Rooyen,C35
Paul Coppendalenot out12
Lijoy Anexnot out0
Dave Keeler   
Rob Littleton   
Jon Pulley   
Total (for 6 wickets)200

Eltham Bowling

Boylan, G8.022503.1
Horak, M8.003214.048
Venkatraman, P8.012913.648
Burgess, C7.013214.642
Wouldham, C4.002005.0
Osgood, D2.0023011.5

Eltham CC Batting

Farrell, Gnot out16
Swain, Pb. Rob Littleton11
Swain, Eb. Charlie Jerrom1
Wouldham, Cct. Peter Calthorpeb. Charlie Jerrom0
Van-Rooyen,Cb. Charlie Jerrom0
Venkatraman, Pnot out24
Boylan, G 
Burgess, C 
Horak, M 
Osgood, D 
Redman, A 
Total (for 4 wickets)60

Ide Hill CC Bowling

Rob Littleton5.011012.030
Charlie Jerrom6.022934.812
Jon Pulley4.001203.0
Dave Keeler2.00201.0

Match Report

Match report Eltham CC Vs Ide Hill CC

Ide Hill v Eltham 13th July 2024 – Match report by Mark Horak

The day started with the usual optimism of a sun filled day at the idyllic little Ide Hill ground where we always have friendly (ish) banter and competition with the opposition and a good tea!

I managed to avoid the M25 turn off for the 3rd time and make it on time but Callum manged to take my place of being late blaming his sat nav for taking him down endless country roads. Pad won the toss (I think) and we fielded first. Georgy boy started the proceedings with real zip but regardless of this, the fielders behind he stumps decided to take a step forward after a couple of balls this resulted in a dislocated finger for Redders keeping wicked in only what was the 1st over. Off he went to claim his regular seat in the hospital waiting room as Elliott gleefully grabbed the gloves. 

Ide Hill started with their usual combination of doggedness and determination getting to 41 before loosing their first wicket. Occasional wickets fell and the score ticked over, Eltham concluding their overs with the deadly bowling combination of Clinty and Daniel, the former taking 3 wickets for only 32 runs. Our fielding will be remembered for attempted catches, Pad getting frustrated (first time ive ever seen that) and balls that seemed to avoid our team with strange deviating bounces!

Tea consisted of the usual crisp based conversation where a fascinating debate took place over the expiry date of Walkers crips, with reference not only to Monster munch but Roast Chicken flavour, multi packs and Gary Lineker.

Chasing Ide Hill’s total of 200 Eltham’s innings started with the blue skies being replaced with grey then black. Ultimately the rain cased the match to be abandoned. During our innings, 4 of our players managed to scored a total of 12 runs between them but both Pad and Greg ended not out managing not to succumb to the temptations of Pully’s orbital bungs down the pitch.

Talking of Pully, whilst I was fielding he was umpiring and walked past me 10 or 15 minutes after I completed my 8 overs which I felt went adequately and he said to me ‘hello boy, do you reckon you will get to have a bowl today’ clearly I made an impression on him!!

The day will be remembered by me for 3 shows of emotion from Eltham, my appeal for LBW against their captain, Pad’s outburst in the field and Clinty boy’s wild celebrations after bowling Charlie!

In the pub afterwards, Clinty and Colin were pictured with their ducks, Daniel enjoyed his Earl Grey tea and George was ribbed for potentially ending the cricketing career of our Chairman.

We wish Andy all the best and note that now we have 2 self-inflicted hospital visitations from our fielding this year. nice one lads!!