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The home of friendly cricket in South-East London and Kent


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  • Matches played on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Competitive, but friendly, adult cricket.
  • Eltham play to enjoy, not necessarily to win - though a win is always nice.

Welcome to Eltham CC's website. Here you can find details of fixtures, players, averages and more. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, please do let us know.

New members are always welcome, so if you would like to have a go after not playing for years (or for any other reason) please get in touch and we will endeavour to get you in the team for a match.

The 2024 season

We've had our nets and are now raring to go for 2024, with a couple of very close games already in the bag. If you havent't yet sent in your availabilities, please Whatsapp Colin Wouldham and he will get you a game.

Club merchandise

Thanks to Toby Hanington's efforts, the club have a thriving club shop - click here for details and a link to the Serious Sport website.

Club Shop

The Club Shop is ready for all your kit needs.

The Club Shop is operated by our suppliers, Serious Cricket. They've put together a wide range of kit with the Eltham badge,and you can even add your name or initials, or heaven forbid, a number on your back. That is, of course, for those sad, misguided individuals who are confused about the difference between cricket and football, the utter heathens.

All the kit...

We hope there is something there for everyone. We've certainly noticed the Eltham flip-flops, which should suit our antipodean players down to the ground. Also, Clinton may like the look of the Eltham Beanie.

Visit here

Visit the Eltham CC store

2016 Season

Fixture Card

Key: (H) Home at Footscray, (A) Away, (T) Tour

(R) signifies that a match report is available

April 2016

Sat 23rd Belhus CC (A) 1pm
Match Cancelled (R)

May 2016

Sun 1st Nuxley CC (A) 2pm
Won by 34 Runs (R)

Sat 7th Gravesend CC (H) 1.30pm
Won by 156 Runs (R)

Sat 14th Ide Hill CC (H) 1.30pm
Won by 8 Wickets (R)

Sun 22nd Trinity Oxley CC (H) 1.30pm
Lost by 5 Wickets (R)

June 2016

Sun 5th Old Wimbledonians CC (A) 2pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sat 11th Bloomsbury Royals (H) 1.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sat 18th Streatham and Marlborough CC (H) 1.30pm
Won by 8 Wickets (R)

Sat 25th Epsom Methodist Church CC (A) 1.30pm
Won by 90 Runs (R)

July 2016

Sat 2nd Catford Wanderers CC (H) 1.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Fri 8th Jim Hill Family Game (H) 4.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sun 10th Old Colfeians CC (H) 1.30pm
Lost by 87 Runs (R)

Sat 16th Old Pilotonians CC (H) 1.30pm
Lost by 10 Runs (R)

Sat 23rd London Coolers (H) 1.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Sun 31st Greenheath CC (H) 1.30pm
Lost by 7 Wickets (R)

August 2016

Sun 7th Plumstead CC (H) 1.30pm
Lost by 35 Runs (R)

Sun 14th Swanscombe CC (A) 2pm
Lost by 59 Runs (R)

Sun 21st Rotten Livers CC (H) 1.30pm
Won by 36 Runs (R)

Sat 27th Clapton and Oval CC (H) 1pm
Match Cancelled (R)

September 2016

Sun 4th Streatham and Marlborough CC (A) 1pm
Lost by 21 Runs (R)

Sat 10th Sidcup CC (A) 1pm
Lost by 3 Runs (R)

Sun 18th Orsett and Thurrock CC (A) 1pm
Lost by 4 Wickets (R)

Sat 24th TBA (A) 12.30pm
Match Cancelled (R)

Take a look at the averages for the 2016 season


Results for 2024

Eltham's results for this season are:








Ian Botham

England & Somerset & Legend

I had a reputation as a party animal. But even I have to admit that the boy Swain is something else. And I don't praise many Australians.

David Gower

England & Leicestershire

Left-handers are, to put it simply, more elegant as a rule. Clinton Van Rooyen bats right handed. Is any more proof needed?

WG Grace

England, Gloucestershire and Eltham

Even though I played my last game for Eltham in 1914, having seen this lot play, I think I could sneak into their Youth Section.

Oliver Reed


I went to the Oval to watch an ODI with Gary Bill and Pete Swain, and made the mistake of trying to keep up with them on the beers. Never Again.

Steve Coverley

Burnhope CC Captain (received via email)

Met your captain Gary Bill in Barbados, spent the entire match sitting with him. What a nice lad. He can sup some drink, must have hollow legs.


Eltham Cricket Club's Committee

Andy Redman

Hon. Chairman

Colin Wouldham

Hon. Secretary & Team Secretary

Clinton Van Rooyen

Fixture Secretary

Richard Webber

Hon. Treasurer

Pad Venkatraman

Club Captain

Pete Swain

Members' Representative

Andrew Young

Safeguarding Officer


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